Mystique of the Senses

Sitting on comfortable couch with your mates in a buzzing lounge is a good start to a Friday night. Smokers huffed and puffed their Sheesha and the sizzling aroma of freshly cooked food filled the room. And then she walked… a breath of fresh air. I stopped. Immobilized and soaking up the little hints of jasmine and citrus. With every little whiff of flavored vapor a little bit of the undertones of vanilla would cleanse the organs. And in a few seconds, she was gone. I turned around to see her, but she was gone, blended with the rest of the crowd.

This is not a one-time occurrence. It’s the mystique of a woman’s scent that attracts us men. It captivates our soul and shakes up our senses. Ladies, a man will never notice the handbag, but he will remember your fragrance. A scent tells us a lot about someone. It tells us their personality, their character and sometimes the type of companion they like.

A floral scent represents a woman who is free spirited, chirpy and brings in the energy to a room. She likes to surround herself with a crowd that doesn’t wilt her floral style. We’ve got to put on our fun shoes when interacting with her. Anything less than a blooming personality, won’t stand a chance around her.

Earthy scents can be a tricky one to distinguish. They love to explore, take upon challenges and aren’t easy to tie down. She is ready to be pushed out of her comfort zone and discover new ideas. You’ll probably be going to all the hidden gems and meeting folks of all walks of life.

On the other hand, a woman who prefers the musky scents represents her intellectual and bold personality. She expects to be charmed by your mind and presence. If you’ve got questions, she’s got the answers.

Fragrances create a mystery but also a story. The unknown builds curiosity and imagination. Spray away ladies, but not too much. We want to be our senses to be mesmerized not overpowered.

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