2015 - Women: Strong, Tolerant, and Resilient

We don’t realize the part women play in shaping our life, beliefs, ideas and perception of reality.

As a son, a brother, and a married man, I’ve come to one conclusion men wouldn’t have accomplished the impossible technological, social, economic or political advances without the support of our significant others. Their sacrifices and comprises drive their counterparts to an unknown ambition. As wise men have said before, “behind every successful man there is a woman.” The key words are woman and success. And in today’s day and age women are etching those key words together “successful women” in the history books. Evolution has mutated and installed a DNA of strength, tolerance and resilience in women. This is what we men lack.

In a male- dominated society, economic and social barriers are mere words not actual forces that restrict development. We have witnessed this and will witness this on August 28, 2017 when we celebrate Emirati women’s day. This is a day dedicated to the women of the United Arab Emirates. Ms. Abeer Amiri, of the Abu Dhabi Education Council said “Women bring a new perspective to the table, which up until recently was male-dominated.” The UAE has emphasized on the development of women’s role in all sectors across the board. With their DNA of strength, tolerance and resilience, women have been able to excel and pioneer some of the most advanced or challenging industries.

Recently, women have been changing the dynamics of industries such as finance, energy and sustainable agriculture, and it is estimated that more than 30 percent of the country's governmental decision-making positions are held by women, the highest in the Arab world.

Maryam Bahlooq, a UAE Citizen, has been appointed the first female CEO for Tanfeeth, a subsidiary of Emirates NBD in June 2017. She is the first woman CEO for the group and one of the few individuals to hold an executive position in the banking industry.

Hasna Al Blooshi grew up speaking about the energy sector and was destined for the oil industry with her father and brothers influence, however found her individual footing in the nuclear sector. She currently is the Director for Nuclear Performance at Nawah, a subsidiary of Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation. Emirati women constitute approximately 20% of the workforce in the UAE nuclear Industry.

Dr. Ismahane Elouafi, the Director General at the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture, has been recognized and awarded by many countries, including UAE, Canada, Spain and Morocco for her research into sustainable living. She has pioneered ‘dry agriculture’, which involves the cultivation of crops using very little water and innovative technology. She hopes to make UAE the model for dry agriculture.

All three of these women believe there career advancements have been possible due to the forward thinking and gender equality policies set forth by the leadership of the United Arab Emirates. Emirati Women’s day is a day dedicated to women who inspire not only us men but also those young girls who should have mentors closer to home. Thank you!

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