Fragrance Behaviours: How To Make The Most Of Your Perfumes And Fragrances

fragrance behaviours

We all enjoy smelling nice all day. Sometimes though, it can feel like your perfume has disappeared almost the moment you spritz it on. Understanding fragrance behaviours will help you know where and how to apply your fragrance.


If you find your fragrance has faded into the air by lunchtime or you burn through perfumes way too quickly, these tips will help you understand your fragrance behaviours and ensure your favorite scent last all day long, without having to spray an entire bottle on yourself.


Hot Spots To Spray Your Perfume

Your wrists, ears, and neck are the usual suspects when it comes to spraying on your favorite fragrance. However, there are some key spots you may be missing. It seems that there are areas of the body that can enhance fragrance behaviours, which are fabulous for spritzing and they are not always the usual places we expect.


Here are some other key hot pulse points where you should be spraying your perfume to improve your fragrance behaviours and to get a scent that lasts all day:


Collarbone & Décolletage

Maximise the staying power of your perfume by giving your collarbone and décolletage, spanning your neck, shoulders, and back a spritz of fragrance. The dips in your bone structure encourage perfume to naturally settle there while wearing strappy tops and plunging necklines provides an extra surface area to release your fragrance from.



Apply fragrance on your wrists, as they are major pulse points and areas of localized hot spots, which will amplify the scent. If you use your hands while talking, try dabbing your perfume on the backs of hands to leave a delicate trail of fragrance behind you.



Fragrances latch onto and bind with fibers, which is why the strands of your hair will happily carry your perfume scent for a long-lasting effect. Similarly, your fragrance will also cling to any products you’ve used after washing your hair, making it perfect for a subtle finish.


Warning though, the alcohol content in perfume can dry out your hair, so rather than spritzing directly onto the strands of your hair, mist delicately onto a brush and pull it gently through your hair.



Spray your preferred scent of choice behind your earlobes for maximum effect. This area is one of your pulse points, where the body is naturally warmer, maximizing scent intensity and enhancing your fragrance’s lingering power.


To make the most of this effect, aim for the top of your ears, where your skin tends not to dry out.


Your Clothes

Always apply your fragrance to your body before putting on your clothes, so the fragrance can be absorbed into your skin.


For additional perfume lasting power, spritzing your wool and cashmere wraps and pashminas will retain your fragrance brilliantly, as the scent particles latch onto the natural fibers, achieving a longer lasting scent.


3 Tricks To Make Your Perfume Last All Day

  1. Moisturize Your Skin

If you have a naturally oily skin, you’ve lucked out, as the scent will last much longer on you. For those of you with dry skin, ask if your scent comes in a lotion and use that first for maximum scent durability. If it doesn’t come in a lotion, use an unscented moisturizer on damp skin wherever you plan to apply your scent.

  1. No Rubbing

After applying your fragrance, many people feel the need to rub it in to warm the skin or spread the scent. This is a major no, no! Rubbing perfume breaks down its molecules, eroding its long-lasting properties.

  1. Store Your Perfume Correctly

Heat, light, and humidity all break down the compounds in your perfume, causing it to be less potent.


To ensure your scent is at its best, store it in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Always keep your fragrances away from your bathroom, as the heat and humidity from showers and baths can also damage it.


When To Reapply Your Fragrance

If you always seem to be running through your fragrance it could be due to your body’s chemistry as it also affects your fragrance behaviours. The way a perfume reacts with your skin can cause the perfume to evaporate more quickly from your skin.


For the best results from your fragrance, apply first thing in the morning after your shower then reapply after about five or six hours, say after lunch.


How Long Should A Bottle Of Perfume Last?

The average number of sprays in a 50 ml bottle is 735. As there are 365 days in a year, a 50 ml bottle of fragrance will provide a person who wears that fragrance every day, and sprays twice a day, with approximately one year of perfume.


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Final Word

Your wrists, your ears, and your neck are the usual go-to places to spritz on your favorite fragrance. However, there are some key areas you may be missing. To get the most from your fragrance behaviours, try the other hot spots on your body to spray perfume for a scent that lasts all day.

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