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A couple of fools who love their scents.


From UAE to the World.






Partnerships work best when all partners involved act as one and compliment each other. There was once a creative soul and a less design oriented chap. Their strengths and weaknesses balanced each other out, gave them an edge, and bonded them. That’s Us- the Mrs and Mr! We are partners in life and business.



Zagara is a UAE conceptualized perfume spearheaded by the artistic senses of the Mrs. and kept in check by the Mr.



Zagara Perfumes are designed keeping in mind every moment of the day, night and life itself for every personality. Our scents range from the strong macho notes to the lightest and most delicate undertones to tingle your senses. 


Our journey is to share our fragrances from here, the UAE, to the rest of the world. 



UAE is our first stop and we hope to be imparting our global citizen knowledge worldwide.





Fun Fact!


The word, “Zagara” (where the g is silent but instead sounds like an h) in its true form means blossoms of the orange and citrus tree. Zagara is historically associated with good fortune, and purity therefore its essence is an integral part of creating perfumes.

Zagara is a fusion of two Arabic words, Zahara, which means shining or bright and, zahra, meaning flower or blossom.







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