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A couple of fools who love their scents.

From UAE to the World.




Partnerships work best when all partners involved act as one and compliment each other. There was once a creative soul and a less design oriented chap. Their strengths and weaknesses balanced each other out, gave them an edge, and bonded them. That’s Us- the Mrs and Mr! We are partners in life and business.


Zagara is a UAE conceptualized souvenir fragrance spearheaded by the artistic senses of the Mrs. and kept in check by the Mr.


Hmm… souvenir fragrance you say, but what does that mean? Well, to tell you more I’d like to give some background information. As partners in life, we connected on many levels namely travel, food and history. On our honeymoon to South America, which is another story for later, we were under pressure to take back gifts for family and friends, as we were first of our kinds to visit the America down under. After collecting a few cultural pieces, we were slowly running out of ideas and kept returning back to the magnets, mugs and key chains. Nevertheless, we ended up finding our quirky out of the box gifts for everyone.


Being from the fragrance industry… When I travel, out of habit, bad or good, I always end up at the fragrance stores at the airport. Coming to South America was an eye opener, a revelation, and a travel enlightenment and to commemorate this trip, I didn’t want to purchase the usual; I was looking for a memorabilia that could fulfill my habit but also be a memento of my time. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t find my gift but I did end up buying myself a new perfume with the help of the wife.


Anyhow, where were we? Our little idea for a souvenir fragrance came from our honeymoon. A souvenir fragrance is a scent that is connected to a country’s history and achievements. Our core idea is to educate and impart knowledge to tourists as token of their visit or allow them to share the memorabilia with their family and friends. Zagara is a traveler’s scent. Zagara is knowledge. Zagara is a couple of fools who wish to share their love with others.


UAE is our first stop and we hope to be imparting our global citizen knowledge worldwide.




About us:

An upcoming local (made in UAE) fragrance brand, conceptualized and created by individuals who enjoy travel and history.


In their journeys they heard stories and learnt about many glorious times about the different nations they traveled to.


This knowledge they wanted to impart upon others and allow them to take back memorabilia's to share with their friends and family.


Zagara is this historian and travelers scent.


Beginning our journey in UAE, embark with us on our mission to spread the scent.    

Mission Statement:


Providing a quality scent while linking experiences and memories around our travels & educating both natives and visitors of glorious times. 


  • To educate/remind travellers of the moments that have shaped a nation.

  • Establish a fragrance product category within souvenir and gift products

  • To be a collectors item for the world traveller



  •  To evoke our sense of smell & awaken our memories that have been defined by time & space.

Fun Fact!


The word, “Zagara” (where the g is silent but instead sounds like an h) in its true form means blossoms of the orange and citrus tree. Zagara is historically associated with good fortune, and purity therefore its essence is an integral part of creating perfumes.

Zagara is a fusion of two Arabic words, Zahara, which means shining or bright and, zahra, meaning flower or blossom.

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